Coin Grading

All our coins are graded by the NGC, the grading arm of the Official Numismatic Association of the USA.

NGC is the official grading service of The Professional Numismatists Guild. The PNG is an organization comprised of the world’s top rare coin experts.

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The essential thing about grading is that it is the most important aspect of numismatics (coin collecting). Numismatics is all about collecting coins of the finest quality possible. Collectors will strive to obtain the best specimens. The only way to know the true quality of your coins is to have them graded by a professional grading company.

The rare coin market has a history of providing some of the highest financial returns in the world. By purchasing coins that are graded by PCGS and NGC you will reap the benefits of that high growth.


Coins are valued according to their grades or state of preservation. The better the condition of the coin, the more valuable it is. Third party independent grading companies play a vital and critical role in the coin market. Due to the global acceptance of NGC and PCGS, the moment a raw coin is placed into one of their capsules (the only way we supply coins), its value increases dramatically. When a coin is in its raw form, its grade is only regarded as a personal opinion, which does not necessarily translate into a good price.


Uncirculated coins or ‘mint state’ coins are coins that collectors have placed aside and have never passed from hand to hand. This term entails that they are the closest to the state of the original coins available from the mint at the time of minting. Collectors and investors most aggressively pursue coins that are in a condition closest to that of when they were first struck off the minting press. These are the most valuable coins to have in any collection, second only to specimen and proof coins. Uncirculated coins are graded with ten different grades from Mint State 60 to Mint State 70. Mint State 60 is the lowest grade and Mint State 70 is the highest grade.

The grades are denoted as MS-60, MS-61, MS-62, MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, MS-66, MS-67, MS-68, MS-69 and MS-70.